Enrollment Solutions

Enrollment management tools for campus leaders.


Student Search

Reach tuition and revenue goals this recruiting cycle.

Effectively deploy your resources to focus on the leads who will matriculate. Today, the best results come from Student Search campaigns combining email, digital advertising, direct mail, and eye-catching collateral. bannerDIRECT™ is enrollmentFUEL’s proprietary digital marketing solution. It offers you all the digital tools you need, including IP targeting, geotargeting, geofencing, re-targeting ads, and social media advertising.

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Tailored Tactics for Targeted Student Search Results.

Need a nimble and efficient Student Search campaign that can be deployed quickly and fit in your budget? Our microSEARCH™ campaign is what you’ve been seeking. Each campaign includes compelling copy and creative design to showcase your institution. With the flexibility to include any or all tactics included in traditional Student Search, such as direct mail, emails, and social and IP targeting ads, you’re in the driver’s seat.

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Adult & Graduate Lift

Elevate your adult & graduate recruitment approach.

Need to bolster your enrollment for these sometimes-hard-to-recruit-for programs? 100% of our graduate recruitment campaigns have succeeded in GROWING enrollment! Read that again. 100% of our graduate clients have experienced growth! What’s in our secret success sauce? Well-constructed and well-placed digital ads, inquiryDETECTOR™ to identify those stealthy prospects, SEO audits to help them find you, look-alike modeling, Connected TV experiences, pre-roll video, and more come together to expand the top of your recruitment funnel. We can create a tailored campaign just for you that helps you compete and win!

Yield Boost

Don’t lose the momentum you’ve already built.

The team has done a lot of heavy lifting to get to this point, and now isn’t the time to let off the gas. You have to keep FUELing the engine. With our yield solution, you can rest assured that an omnichannel communication plan will continue to engage students after acceptance. Social media ads, IP targeting, direct mail, and email keep the engine humming so you can cross the finish line and meet your enrollment goals.

Application Generation

Boost your applicant pool.

With a strategic and intentionally timed cadence of action steps, you can help students realize the benefits of applying to your institution. FUEL will use digital marketing, direct mail, ringless voice messaging, and telecounseling to give a lift to your applicant pool. An application generation campaign is a highly effective solution, especially when paired with our Student Search and Yield Boost products.


IP Tracking and Validation

Find your stealth visitors.

Your web traffic is a hotbed of information about prospective students. Wouldn’t it be nice to know who they are? With enrollmentFUEL’s inquiryDETECTOR™ solution, we can help you detect stealth inquiries, and deliver you information about the household--actionable insight at its best. If you have a name buy or CRM list, FUEL can go even further! Our matchBACK™ technology will match those stealth visitors back to your list and allow you to target those students efficiently and effectively.

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Lead Generation

Find the names you’ve been looking for.

Every institution’s admission funnel is different, and we get that. While we don’t advocate volume for the sake of volume, the right students in your inquiry pool can help shape the remainder of your workflow for any given class. Worried about finding top-quality names as search lists shrink? Don’t worry—enrollmentFUEL has been working ahead of the game to create our own name buy platform, inquiryBUILDER™—a robust alternative.


Financial Aid Services

Reach your tuition, enrollment, retention, and discount rate goals.

Reach tuition and revenue goals with enrollmentFUEL’s executive suite of services to include Financial Aid. From your packaging philosophy to scholarship matrix builds and resets, FUEL will help you meet discount rate projections and tuition revenue goals. 

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Communication Flow Suport

Communicate smooth, flawless messages that augment your brand and values

Get high impact creative built on a foundation of enrollment expertise with recruiting and financial aid commFLOW™ solutions from enrollmentFUEL. We can assist you with all types of collateral development, including emails, landing pages, virtual campus tours, viewbooks, travel pieces, direct mail, financial aid communications, and award letters. If you are looking for insight into your overall process, enrollmentFUEL can also audit your current communication flow and make recommendations.



Slate Consulting and Training

Get help from a Gold Slate Preferred

Whether you are new to Slate or just looking to optimize your enrollment management solution, enrollmentFUEL’s slateEDUCATE team has the expertise you need to use Slate technology to its fullest to grow enrollment.

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Customized Enrollment
Consulting and Training

Develop your team and increase your effectiveness.

Our customized training and coaching programs have helped many schools surpass their enrollment goals by improving team performance. FUEL’s training facilitators all have over 20 years of enrollment experience. Whether you need help with sales and recruitment coaching, goal setting, soft skills development, executive or one-on-one coaching, or assessing and improving standard operating procedures, our solutions are tailor-made to fit your specific needs.

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Financial Aid Services

Reach Your Tuition, Enrollment, Retention, and Discount Rate Goals

enrollmentFUEL has extensive expertise in working with two and four-year financial aid teams in the inner workings of the daily operations of the office. We can help new directors revamp processes—and assist seasoned directors in multiple layers of auditing and training to tighten and streamline efficiencies. Our NASFAA-certified consultants and trainers are ready to roll up our sleeves and assist you and your team.

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Geodemographic Research

Modeling to Identify Segmentation Opportunities.

Identify the leads most likely to convert with smartSEARCH™. Using tools such as data mining, geodemographic data analysis, predictive modeling, and data enhancement, we identify clusters of students who are most likely to enroll at your school. This investment ensures efficient list purchases and helps you identify the market segments that are the best fit for your institution.

Ringless Voicemail

A friendly voice message is an effective touch.

Increase your messaging options with ghostVOICE™. This cost-effective, ringless voicemail solution delivers messages to mobile phones and is effective for spreading the word about scholarships, application and deposit dates, and campus visit opportunities. Why waste valuable dialing time on transactional calls when ghostVOICE™ can spread the word for you?

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Amplify the voice of your institution.

Free up your professional staff with teleCONNECT™ — calling and texting support from enrollmentFUEL. Our seasoned and friendly telecounselors support all types of action-based campaigns for institutions that want outside assistance to tackle time-consuming transactional calls or increase outbound contacts for recruiting. enrollmentFUEL develops scripts, trains, makes calls, sends texts, and monitors quality.

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Predictive Modeling

Predict the future and work more efficiently.

Enrollment funnels continue to widen at the top with reduced trickle down. All the “white noise” probably stifles your admission team, as they struggle to identify students most interested in attending. Lift the cloud that limits their ability to focus on the right students. Through a review of historical enrollment patterns, high school characteristics, and demographics, our predictive modeling solution, clearFOCUS™, assists you and your team deeper in the funnel by identifying those most likely to apply and enroll. We will help you implement the chosen strategy, provide continuous monitoring throughout the cycle to assess the emerging enrollment picture, and work with you to make mid-course corrections, if necessary.