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enrollmentFUEL is a learning organization inspired by enrollment leaders.

In 2007, like many parents, I was amazed at the volume of mail my oldest son was receiving from colleges and universities. At the time, I was a student of direct mail. I had an insatiable desire to find the best ways to move the needle for organizations. Higher education mailings were mostly uninspiring during this time, but whenever something moved me, I would pause and take notice. Sometimes, if I thought something had merit, I would call the mailer and ask if I could come and interview them.

One of the calls I made was to a young Vice President of Enrollment Management in Tennessee. She fielded the weird phone call and kindly agreed to give me what turned into a half-day to shadow her on the campus and learn more about her world. A long-time friendship was formed, and I started learning about the art and science of enrollment management, cost of attendance, and discount rates. Oh, but what I didn’t yet know.

Today, that Vice President, Jacqui Elliott, is on a team of superstars who have recently launched FUEL—a company and movement to create a better way for enrollment leaders to shape their classes and bring life to their campuses. I continue to surround myself with people better than me to achieve something that is exciting to all involved.

Our company will always be inspired by enrollment leaders, maybe even you, who desire a better and more efficient way to recruit students to their campus.

Currently, our team has performed over 500 student search campaigns, and that number is climbing each month. We’re learning to challenge our partner schools. Our main value proposition is remarkable enrollment INSIGHT, because we’re challenging the status quo.

Our insight is based on the maxim that people recruit people. They always have, and they always will.

Mike Wesner

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