Display Ads

Establish a PRESENCE where your target audience spends the most time — online!

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Our team works hand-in-hand with you to create custom display ads with a clear call-to-action for maximum engagement. Once launched, your ads will be targeted to your list, look-alike audience, or profile-based audience.

Retargeting Ads

Get in front of your audience...again.

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Capture the attention of prospects who have previously visited your website by serving them customized ads to re-engage them and move them through the funnel. By targeting students who have already shown interest in your institution, you increase the likelihood of converting them. enrollmentFUEL’s team creates these ads with specialized messaging, keeping your school top-of-mind so that prospects are more likely to visit your website again, inquire to learn more, or apply.

Household Targeting

Spend your advertising money to get into the right homes.

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Your advertising dollars are valuable, which is why we use household targeting to deliver ads to addresses where your prospects live. Rather than guessing where your prospects live, our team matches IP addresses to a list of names and then pushes ads to those locations, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that your ad impressions are never wasted.

Connected tv

Like everyone else, your prospects are binge-watching TV. Reach out to them when they are!ConnectedTV

Reaching your target audience on streaming services like Hulu and Roku has never been easier, thanks to the rise in Connected TV advertising. By targeting identified households or profile characteristics, we can strategically place eye-catching video ads that draw students in to learn more about your school.

Social Media Campaigns

Anyone can post on social media, but not everyone can craft an effective and responsive campaign.


From Snapchat to Instagram, we have access to create and run ads on almost any social channel you can think of. enrollmentFUEL targets ads to your ideal audience via lists, look-alike modeling, or profile characteristics and customizes messages and creative in ways that appear attractive, but not “sales-y.” Once live, your campaign is regularly optimized by our digital team to produce the best possible results.

TikTok Services

Let us help you get the most out of your audience's most popular platform.


TikTok is Gen Z's favorite social media app. Like many institutions, you may have recognized the value of maintaining a presence on the platform that prospective college students have their eyeballs on the most. enrollmentFUEL is prepared to help you identify student ambassadors on TikTok, edit your TikTok content, manage Spark Ads to boost your organic content, manage your school's TikTok account, and optimize and amplify your presence on TikTok through consulting services.

Influencer Campaigns

Let others help lift your recruiting load.

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Students and alumni have unique perspectives to share about your school, so why not leverage them? Activating influencers as part of your digital advertising methods can build emotional connections with your audience in ways that traditional ads can’t. enrollmentFUEL’s team of digital experts work one-on-one with each influencer to ensure the end result is both exciting and authentic!

SEO SUpport

Stop hiding and get found.

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Tired of being on the second page of search engine results? We can help! Our SEO experts can provide a review of your site and make practical, actionable suggestions that will help you climb the results list. Things like who you link to, who links to you, the language you use in your content, and the way you draft your metadata on the backend of your site can dramatically change how quickly your audience can find you.


unlock the potential of your email campaigns


Our email deliverability assessment helps discover the factors impacting your email success, including sender reputation, content optimization, list maintenance, engagement metrics, and authentication. Our comprehensive report will provide tailored strategies to enhance your deliverability, ensuring your emails reach the right audience. Take the first step toward email deliverability excellence and boost your marketing ROI today.

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