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Consulting & Implementation

enrollmentFUEL is dedicated to providing top notch consulting and implementation for your Slate Technolutions needs.

Our Slate Coaches are ready and available to help your Captains enhance your instance of Slate. Our team of consultants (known as Slate Coaches for their matchless expertise) come from various backgrounds. They will provide your team with unparalleled ingenuity and support in all things Slate.

Slate Coaches

We’ve highlighted a few of our services below, but as Slate evolves, so do the services and support we offer.

Implementation Support

Gears_OrangeBlueOur team’s background in enrollment is instrumental in helping you think through the needs of students, faculty, staff, alums, and more as you reimagine your processes and how you can best use Slate. We recognize that each institution has different needs, so your assigned Slate Coach will listen to your challenges to help you brainstorm and implement the best solutions for your institution.

Slate Training for Your Captains or Your Whole Team

Training_GreenOrangeOur Coaches are skilled teachers and want your team to level up your use of Slate. enrollmentFUEL’s goal is always to provide you with the tools you need to be successful. Whether you want training on querying with configurable joins or how to help your counselors use Slate daily, we can help.

Audit of Your Slate Instance or Communication Flow

Checklist IconWe love the opportunity to review your instance of Slate—whether it is a comprehensive review or just looking at your communication flow. We recognize that there is always more you can do, and maybe even things missed along the way. A Slate audit is the perfect way to ensure your instance is working as efficiently and consistently as possible.

Portal Updating & Creation

Computer IconThere are many uses for portals in Slate. Our Coach team can help by evaluating and updating your existing portals, or creating new ones. We want to ensure your students are getting the information they need, when they need it. Portals can also create a more streamlined experience for staff members who need to connect with students or view reports. Let us know what your needs are, and we’ll help you imagine the right solution.

Report Building

Report IconA strong report can help leadership make decisions, share necessary information with campus partners, and motivate staff. Our team will listen to your needs and help you create the reports you need to meet your goals.

Help Desk Support

HelpDesk IconWhether you need an interim Captain or your team wants a little help with projects in Slate, Help Desk Support from an enrollmentFUEL Coach could be the right solution for you. We offer a variety of levels of support to make sure your team can be successful.

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SlatePreferredPartner_PlatinumenrollmentFUEL is a proud member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, a network of organizations that share a commitment to support transformational effects on the world of higher education. The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes organizations that integrate with Technolutions Slate and offer implementation support while providing meaningful contributions to the higher education community. Slate Preferred Partners have a deeper understanding of Slate functionality and processes and have gained access to various resources and insights into best practices.

Working with our enrollmentFUEL Slate Coach has made all the difference in our implementation. Not only did they help us learn the nuances of Slate, but they also helped us explore our processes and how we can improve them with Slate. The enrollmentFUEL Slate Coach team provided options so that we could choose the best one for our organization. Working with our Slate Coach, we didn’t just implement a new CRM; we built a database that will work and grow with our institution and us long into the future.
Estelle Vlieger
Bethany Lutheran College
When we began our partnership with enrollmentFUEL, we had been a Slate school for six years, but our instance left a lot to be desired. Data was inconsistent and incomplete, we lacked expertise in report and query building, and other offices around campus lacked confidence in Slate’s ability to produce credible enrollment reports. After working with enrollmentFUEL, and our Slate Coach, we are in a much better position today! We have 10 ‘go-to’ reports, our data is cleaner than it has ever been, and others around campus are beginning to see the true power Slate can offer. If you have Slate needs, I would highly recommend you partner with enrollmentFUEL!
Kenton Hargis
University of Evansville

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