Financial Aid Services

Reach Your Tuition, Enrollment, Retention,
and Discount Rate Goals

enrollmentFUEL has extensive expertise in working with two and four-year financial aid teams in the inner workings of the daily operations of the office. We can help new directors revamp processes—and assist seasoned directors in multiple layers of auditing and training to tighten and streamline efficiencies. Our NASFAA-certified consultants and trainers are ready to roll up our sleeves and assist you and your team.

In what areas can we help?

  • Title IV Operational Compliance 
  • Office Evaluation, Procedures, and Training
    • Audit Preparation
    • Campus-Based Programs
    • Cash Management
    • Consumer Information
    • Cost of Attendance
    • Direct Loans and Pell
    • Packaging Philosophies
    • Professional Judgment
    • R2T4
    • SAP
    • Financial Aid Sensitivity Studies
    • Verification
  • Technology Review
  • Matrix Builds and Resets

In the day-to-day work of what you do, we understand the limited time to work on policy, procedure, and customer service. While you are working IN the job, FUEL will help you work ON the job to ensure you are the best version you can be. We know the trends, the changing OMB policies, and compliance issues you face and will help you cross the finish line each year “buttoned up.”

With recent cuts in budgets, and limited opportunity to travel, you may be feeling the need for some staff training or professional development. From customized onsite training to electronic training for new staff, we have your covered. And, we promise it’s engaging and fun. Prizes and team building included.  

Perhaps you need some help with your financial aid manual. While a manual is not required, it will help you better adhere to the strict regulations to ensure best practices are met. We can help.

Maybe you need assistance reviewing your organizational structure, preparing staff plans, or reviewing accounting and reporting controls. We can help.

Regardless of your needs, FUEL is there. And, we do it all in a way that is inclusive of your team, with a “teaching” philosophy as we go. No one likes to be told what to do in their own shop—we know! No worries on that end. Our team of past practitioners has a mindset only of assisting and helping you sleep better at night. And, with our extensive knowledge of Strategic Enrollment Management, we also know the ins and outs of the politics you may face in your department. We understand the importance of financial aid commFLOW™ (audits and development), missing information letters, and award letters to your enrollment office. And, of course, our teleCONNECT™ option is ready to get calls out to students to encourage FAFSA filing.  

If you want to engage a partner who has not only the skills and expertise, but also wants to bring you concierge-level customer service with a focus beyond just satisfaction (think DELIGHT)—look no further than enrollmentFUEL.