Look-Alike Modeling

Expand Your Promotional Capabilities Beyond
Traditional List Sources

Look-alike modeling is the perfect tactic to supplement Student Search campaigns that have traditionally relied heavily on existing standardized test-taker lists, such as the SAT and the ACT. As test-optional policies are extended, filling the top of your recruitment funnel entirely with prospects acquired from existing lists may no longer be a viable option.

enrollmentFUEL has extensive expertise in helping colleges and universities use emerging lead generation technologies. We can help you fill the gaps at the top of your recruitment with new and exciting prospecting tactics that rely on aggregated household data, rather than lists.

Using our look-alike predictive model, we can identify households with future college-aged students who are the most similar to your prior enrolling students. Some of the tactics we employ to get these students to inquire include:

  • Household targeting with banner ads
  • Social media advertising
  • Postcard fulfillment
  • Tele-recruitment

In today’s fast-changing recruitment environment, you must adapt. Get ahead of your competition by employing a look-alike strategy to ensure you always have the leads you need in your recruitment funnel.