Adult & Graduate Lift

Elevate Your Adult & Graduate Approach

Need to bolster your enrollment for these sometimes-hard-to-recruit-for programs? 100% of our graduate recruitment campaigns have succeeded in GROWING enrollment! Read that again. 100% of our graduate clients have experienced growth! What’s in our secret success sauce? Well-constructed and well-placed digital ads, IP validation and tracking to identify those stealthy prospects, SEO audits to help them find you, look-alike modeling, Connected TV experiences, search engine marketing, pre-roll video, and more come together to expand the top of your recruitment funnel. We can create a tailored campaign just for you that helps you compete and win!

In what areas can we help?

  • Stealth web visitor identification
  • Look-alike modeling
  • Connected TV Advertising
  • Cutting-edge digital marketing approaches
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Forensic lead generation
We knew we wanted to get help and try some new concepts to help us gain more qualified applicants for our new graduate programs, so we asked enrollmentFUEL to be that new “fuel!” We were not looking for a vendor who would just do the tasks we cannot tackle ourselves, but a partner who challenges and is always a step ahead!
David Slabaugh
Assistant Vice President of Admissions, Southern Wesleyan University