How do I increase my admissions counselor bandwidth?

Amplify the voice of your institution with teleCONNECT™, enrollmentFUEL's telecounseling solution. Our call center solution was developed to support colleges and universities and to make it easy for enrollment management professionals to add telecounseling to their commFLOW™.

Our enrollment experts will develop scripts, provide training, and monitor quality. We can help with calling campaigns for many purposes, including:

  • Sharing information on financial aid and answering questions
  • Pre-awarding scholarship calls
  • Inviting students and their families for a visit or an open house
  • Generating applications and deposits
  • Supporting intentions campaigns
  • Spreading the word about a new program or initiative
  • Communicating with students about missing information – allowing your internal resources to focus on relationship-building calls instead of transactional details

If you’re looking for a call center to support your enrollment goals, enrollmentFUEL has the right team and the right approach.