Student Search

What do I do with my name buy list?

Reach tuition and revenue goals with Student Search from enrollmentFUEL®. To help you find your future students, our team of enrollment marketing experts follows a rigorous and comprehensive seven-step process.

enrollmentFUEL has extensive expertise in geodemographic research, predictive modeling, and web analytics. Our smartSEARCH™ solution will help you effectively deploy your resources to focus on the leads who are most likely to convert, those with higher ability to pay, or those who profile in new markets as the best leads.

We can also assist you with your CRM commFLOW™ communication flow, providing strategic assistance, messaging strategies, and training for your team. enrollmentFUEL is a Slate Preferred Partner, and also has expertise in other recruiting software solutions.

Our team of enrollment marketing experts comes from a wide range of backgrounds, including enrollment management, marketing, design, copywriting, digital advertising, and data analytics. During our discovery phase, we learn your school’s story. Building on your distinctions, we create innovative, integrated campaigns with inventive design and memorable messaging.

Today, the best results come from Student Search campaigns combining online and offline tactics. Our digital marketing solutions offer you all the digital tools you need, including IP targeting, geotargeting, geofencing, re-targeting, and social advertising.

Use clickCAPTURING to capture behavioral data for analysis, and meritBADGING to score leads, we provide you with the insight you need to focus resources and meet your goals.

All this comes with concierge-level customer service, delivered by a team of people committed to your success.


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