Ringless Voicemail

How do I reach thousands of students at once?

A friendly voice message is an effective touch to help you recruit students for your school. But many schools lack time or resources to make the calls.

ghostVOICE™ is a cost-effective solution that provides you with the messaging bandwidth you need. This automated solution delivers ringless voicemail messages to mobile phones. Messages are easy to create and can feature a member of the admissions team, a student ambassador, well-known alumni, or a professor.

Use ringless voice messages to:

  • Invite students to visit or attend an open house
  • Share the benefits of early application
  • Inform students about a scholarship or financial aid
  • Deliver anti-melt messages to keep students engaged over the summer

At enrollmentFUEL, we believe people recruit people, and a message delivered by a friendly voice connected to your school will help you achieve your goals.