IP Tracking & Validation

Find Your Stealth Visitors

Today, the best performing Student Search campaigns include online digital marketing. At enrollmentFUEL, our bannerDIRECT™ solution supports all aspects of Student Search including acquisition, nurturing, and retention.

Our digital experts can assist you with strategies including:

  • IP targeting
  • Geotargeting
  • Geofencing
  • Re-targeting
  • Social advertising on all channels
  • YouTube advertising
  • Microsite and landing page development

bannerDIRECT often works in concert with our clickCAPTURE™ technology, which tags potential leads with cookies (also known as tracking pixels) on devices. Once a cookie is installed, we can serve up additional retargeting ads as part of a brand activation or conversion strategy. During Student Search campaigns, clickCAPTURE™ technology can also identify repeat visitors to your website, helping you identify engaged leads for your school.