Find Your Stealth Visitors

Your web traffic is a hotbed of information about prospective students. Wouldn’t it be nice to know who they are? With enrollmentFUEL’s inquiryDETECTOR™ solution, we can help you detect stealth information about the household⏤actionable insight at its best. If you have a name buy or CRM list, FUEL can go even further! Our matchBACK™ technology will match those stealth visitors back to your lists and allow you to target those students efficiently and effectively.

Our technology-driven platform serves three essential functions:

  1. You get real clues to identify engagement, allowing you to focus valuable resources on a smaller group of recruits who are more likely to enroll
  2. Using behavioral data to trigger tactics can increase inquiries
  3. Collecting evidence using Forensic Lead Generation™ tactics allows you to assess and fine-tune marketing to meet recruiting goals

matchBACK™ technology lets you spot “digital fingerprints” to identify stealth inquiries and capture new leads.

inquiryDETECTOR™ allows you to identify new leads from digital campaigns and is a powerful solution to find new leads for adult and graduate recruiting.